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My “Pet” project. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated. Jan Piche’



I have had the priviledge to work with these two gals for the last 12 years and admire their dedication to reducing  pet over population.  Helping these girls with their goal, you might say this is one of my “Pet” projects.

Jan Piche’

Leftoverpets/Pet Mechanics, a Georgia 50Ic non profit has sterilized literally thousands of dogs and cats in rural Ga counties from their inception in 8/2005 to today .  In fact, they have hit a MILESTONE of 35,000 surgeries. Yes, over 35,000 surgeries have been performed.   Because of your generousity, Dr. Polvere and her assistant Susan Thompson, have set up a surgery suite in Barrow County. This allows them to spay and neuter dogs of all weights. The demand for their services is great but much needed funds are needed to keep them on the road. As with all things their costs are going up and funds are needed, so our quest for donations goes on. They need your help to stop the overpopulation of unwanted pets and the needless killing of thousands of precious lives each year.

Leftover Pets also rescues dogs from high kill shelters on a regular basis and transports them to the north where they can find forever homes. They have saved literally 100’s of dogs destined for euthanasia at the shelters. Transports are made on a monthly basis to rescue groups in NY, NJ and VT. This venture too is a costly one but for every transport many deserving animals find loving forever homes.

To make a tax deductable donation you can mail a check to Leftover Pets, PO Box 588 Danielsville, GA 30633.  Or you can also make a donation online @  Your help is greatly needed and appreciated. Please visit their website @

 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”


 As a continuing fundraiser we are seeking donations of quality items we can auction for funds to benefit Leftover pets mission. Please contact Jan Piche’ at if you wish to help. Thank you, Jan

 Low cost, spay/neuter coming to your area

Leftover Pets/The Pet Mechanics will be offering spay/neuter surgeries in Barrow County. Call our 24/7 appointment line at 800-978-5226. Surgery patients can be as young as 8 weeks. All dogs and cats that are at least 3 months of age at the time of surgery will receive a FREE rabies vaccine.  Prices are $85 for a female dog over 25 lbs, $65 for a female dog up to 25 lbs, $55 for a male dog, $50 for a female cat, $35 for a male cat. All surgery prices include a free rabies vaccination. We do not add fees for in heat or pregnant animals. For more information on clinic services, please visit Appointments are REQUIRED and must be made by calling 800-978-5226

There is no extra charge if a female is in heat or pregnant. Large dogs now accepted. We do NOT accept walk up clients so please call today to schedule an appointment. Financial assistance programs are available for clients on a fixed income. Please inquire when you call about an appointment.



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