Becoming an Auctioneer

If you’ve attended an auction, you’ve no doubt been struck by the performance of the auctioneer. With enviable verbal skills and a quick wit, the auctioneer keeps the crowd focused and sale moving at a steady clip.

And they make auctions fun, too. Couple that with bids for seemingly astounding amounts, and auctioneering starts to look like a viable and lucrative profession.

Can you make a living as an auctioneer? Yes.
Can you become wealthy in the auction industry? Yes.

But succeeding in the auction industry isn’t a sure thing. Like any business venture, a combination of training, skills and determination are essential to the success of an auction business. In addition, auctioneers should adhere to a standard of professional conduct and often need to meet local and state licensing requirements.

Courtesy of the National Auctioneers Association